Man Builds His Own Low Cost Tiny House For Under $500


Living in a big omeouse with plenty of stuff sounds comfortable, until you have to figure out how to pay for it all. As bills pile up, so do the hours you must spend working. It’s a vicious cycle that takes away from the core purpose of life, to live, love and enjoy.

More and more people are realizing that our current lifestyle obsessed with the ‘pursuit for more stuff’ isn’t getting us anywhere in the overall ‘pursuit for happiness.’ Thanks to the tiny house movement, more and more people are getting back to their roots, ditching their mortgage and spending real time just enjoying life with loved ones.

Scott Brooks is one of the happy humans enjoying his very own low cost tiny house located in Washington. Scott built his own 83 square foot house for “well under” $500.

Scott’s tiny home is parked on a 20-acre plot of land owned by his friend. Scott built the interior and his friend helped him build the exterior. He calls his sweet sanctuary the “Transforming Tiny Home.”


Living tiny wasn’t an issue for Scott, who recently spent two solid years with little possessions as he traveled all around Africa, Montana, Nepal, India, Thailand and Alaska.

Scott returned home from his travels to help his friends start up an organic farm. After spending long and hard days working on the farm, Scott seeks refuge in his low cost tiny house.


At 83 square feet, Scott’s home is smaller than most tiny homes, which tend to average more around 200 square feet. The home does not include a bathroom, instead Scott has an outhouse and shower located nearby that he uses to clean up.


The tiny home does have a wood burning stove, which efficiently heats the entire home. The kitchen includes an oven, 2-burner stovetop, mini-fridge and toaster. Scott also has bunk beds for sleeping, a desk area to work and a couch for kicking back and watching TV.



Scott loves his low cost tiny house, and recommends building one to anyone that loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty building something to last a lifetime.




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