China Opens World’s Longest Glass Bridge But Some Are Too Terrified To Walk It

glass bridge

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This glass walkway in China is sure to make your palms sweat, and some are far too terrified to take a stroll across it. A wooden bridge that once stood here in Hunan’s Shiniuzhai Geopark was frightening enough – but it was replaced by this glass structure that’s become the world’s longest glass bridge.

The bridge spans 984 feet and is 590 feet off the ground. The floor is made of double-layered glass that’s about an inch thick, and is reportedly 25 times stronger than regular window glass.

The previously wooden bridge links the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain, requiring 11 engineers working 12 hours a day to convert it to glass. Before, you were considered pretty brave just for crossing the wooden walkway, but now, with its glass bottom, it’s being referred to as “hero bridge.”



If you’re afraid of heights, needless to say, this bridge is not for you. It does offer brave visitors dizzying views of the canyon floor 600-feet below them. Are you courageous enough to take a stroll across it?

The developers plan for the bridge to host fashion shows, and they planned a specific area for bungee jumping. The canyon is the same one that inspired Halleluja Mountain in James Cameron’s Avatar movies, and the architects specifically designed it so that it would “disappear” into the sky.