Little-Mermaid-Themed Wedding For Your Inner Disney Geek


I remember watching The Little Mermaid over and over as a little girl. Ariel and her whole journey from Mermaid to human was magical enough, plus add in the whole falling in love with Prince Eric and it’s all so spectacularly perfect! Just like the day of your wedding should be, which is exactly why this Little Mermaid-Theme wedding is gaining so much popularity around the web.

Check out the photos from this one-of-a-kind wedding and see what the ‘splash’ is all about!


The Groom (Prince Eric) is designer Mark Brooke and the bride (Ariel) is model Traci Hines. When this cute couple paired up with the team at Your Cloud Parade (a trendy online wedding shop), the results were epic. Resulting in this picture perfect wedding styled after the romantic marriage of Disney’s Ariel and Eric. The only detail they forgot was the boat!



With so many creative minds behind the planning, there was not one detail left forgotten. Ariel even has her “dinglehopper” to brush her gorgeous red locks of hair!


While incredibly detailed and one-of-a-kind, anyone that has recently been wedding planning may start thinking about how much this ‘hipster-vibe’ wedding would actually cost. Those incredible cakes wouldn’t be cheap, but at least the oceanside venue is free!

All in all, this wedding would cost a whole lot less than a traditional wedding at an expensive venue, say for instance The Four Seasons Hotel. Yet, the unique quality of this venue makes it all the more special, and who needs to hire entertainment when everyone looks like a Disney character already!?



The invitations read “Ariel” and “Eric” but before you think these two are too good to be true, this wasn’t a real wedding. At first I, and many other people I know, assumed it was real and that Mrs. Ariel must have been obsessed with The Little Mermaid her whole life. And how could her fiancé say no to a mermaid-theme wedding when they had the perfect names to pull it off?

Unfortunately, the truth is a bit disappointing. I had high hopes this was a real couple, but it’s actually just a marketing scheme–a really good one though!




The real-life Groom, known as Mark Brooke, is actually married to a little lady named Candice Brooke. On Brooke’s website he describes he and his wife as,”wedding photographers, parents, partners in crime (aka married), design blog addicts, shoppers, board game (winners), and coffee lovers.”


As for the real-life Bride, Traci Hines, she is a singer, model, and Southern California native. And when her hair isn’t a bright fiery shade of red, it is pink, or platinum blonde. Traci is well known for her music on YouTube, including (you guessed it) her rendition of “Part Of Your World.” When Traci is not pursuing her musical career, she also acts and models.


Even though Traci and Mark are not actually husband and wife, they both had a blast on set for this photo shoot. On Mark’s official blog he writes, “We are so thrilled that we got to be a part of a collaboration between Your Cloud Parade and Traci Hines. Taking these photos was a dream… literally a dream!!!”





Little girls (and big girls too) dream endlessly about creating the perfect wedding. All of this planning doesn’t always lend to much diversity though. For instance, how many weddings have you seen on your social media news feed featuring a host of very similar looking bridesmaid dresses? Apparently, by ditching the ways of the human for a more ‘mermaid’ approach you can guarantee your wedding is one of a kind.





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