Little Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food And Drinks


Imagine going to your favorite local bar only to find a hamster ready to take your order and serve your every need. This might not be a typical fantasy, but it was for one Twitter user known as Kawanabesatou. This user has filled their account with many photos of adorable hamsters filling in for bartenders, sushi chiefs, waitresses, and waiters all over the world! When Kawanabesatou is not turning hamsters into working humans, he spends his time working as graveyard caretaker.

Kawanabesatou features his own pet hamsters in the photos, and must do a lot of craft store shopping in order to find all of these perfect tiny objects. These hamsters have cell phones, computers, advertisements, and not to mention… some rather tasty cocktails. Check out these adorable photos, and you too can start dreaming of a world where hamsters take your order and serve you spiked drinks.



Hamsters range to include about 25 different species, all belonging to the subfamily known as Cricetinae. A hamster is usually a sweet, friendly critter but don’t scare one or else they are known to bite! But due to their overall kind nature, hamsters have become popular household pets. Hamsters can range in size between 2 inches long and 13.4 inches long. All hamsters sold at pet stores descend from the same wild Syrian hamster that gave birth to a 12-pup litter back in 1930.

Wondering how Kawanabesatou got his hamsters to pose for all of these photos? Hamsters are actually easy to train, will learn their name and respond when called.


Hamsters are often described as ‘clever’ and are able to recognize their ancestors. Female hamsters are technically called sows and male hamsters are technically referred to as boars, baby hamsters are called pups. Now, the next time you bring up hamsters in general conversation you can call them by their more official names.


If hamsters ever do go mainstream as chiefs and servers, it might be best to hire the males over the females. Only because male hamsters tend to live a little longer; on average hamsters only live about 2-3 years.



Hamsters would make great bartenders since they are naturally nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and become active at night. The dark doesn’t bother these little critters much; after all they don’t have the best eyesight and are color blind. Instead they rely on a strong sense of smell to get around without incident. They even leave behind their own scent trails wherever they go.


Yum yum, that sushi sure looks tasty! Hamsters generally live off of seeds, nuts, dried food, vegetables, and berries, although they are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and vegetables. Out in the wild, one hamster will go out and collect a bunch of food, storing it inside of their cheeks. They will then bring this back to the whole little hamster family for all to share and enjoy together.




Anyone craving Sushi?


This is what hamsters do when they are bored at work… eat the menus of course!


Hamster gets a new intern. “Okay, so you’ve got it all from here little kitty?”


Without any customers to tend to, these curious rodents decide to get busy playing with blocks.



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Pet hamsters need plenty of stimulation, and so these critters are probably happy to go along with their owner, Kawanabesatou. After all, it gives them something to do, and a chance to try a lot of new foods and drinks!


Hope you enjoyed your happy hamster service!

Photo Credits: Twitter