Like Mother, Like Daughter: 25 Adorable Photos of Moms And Their Mini-Mes


My mom means the world to me, just like your mom means the world to you. Since the day you are born your mom cares for you, actually long before you are born. 9 months before you are born, to be exact, your mom is caring for you, feeding you, talking to you, and touching you through her ever-growing belly.

You look like your mom, and grow to act just like your mom, based on hereditary genes and the simple fact you spend your entire youth beside her, learning how to do things just as she does.

No matter how old you get, the connection you have with your mother never changes. Even if you get mad at her, or don’t get to see her often enough, she is still your mother. And for that reason she deserves all of the love and respect in the world. As any good mother agrees, so too do you.

Mother’s are funny, hardworking, dedicated, and kind, mothers come in all different shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Some laugh loudly, others are quiet and reserved, but within each mother rests the secrets to you, their child.

Here are 25 adorable photos of mothers and their mini me daughters, showing there is nothing more precious than the bond a little girl shares with her mommy.




Laura Sykora has made quite a splash on Instagram. The yoga teacher, handstand addict, wife, and mother does some awesome yoga poses with her family, her adorable mini-me daughter included!

These cuties don’t just rock the same yoga poses, but they like to wear matching yoga clothes as well– too cute!


Can you remember what it was like getting ready with mom, or even just watching mom get ready? As a little girl I couldn’t wait until the day I was old enough to wear makeup and hair curlers too, and I cherished each moment my mom spent letting me get all dolled up with her.


Underwater angles!


Like mother like daughter, every mini-me needs a matching bathing suit of course!


That one face mom taught you to make whenever boys try and hit on you…


A happy childhood includes knowing that no matter what, your mother will always be there to hold your hand.


They say how you put your arms while you sleep says a lot about your personality. If that theory is true, this sleepy mother daughter duo have a whole lot in common!


No time for traveling blues when you’ve got a fun mommy like this to hang out with! Moms make us laugh so much during our first formative years, thanks mom.


Where did you get all that sass from Ms. Thang? “I got it from my momma”


Bee hive, check! Eyeglasses, check! Seriously, how cute are these two?!


Even with her eyes covered, all this mother sees is love.


Total twins! From the sweet smirk to the dazzling brown eyes.


Remember all of those lazy afternoons you spent lounging around the house with mom? If only you could go back for just one day…


Orange you glad we are family?


This little mini me is still working on getting that kiss face down just right…


Teaching her mini me young that ladies like to go to the bathroom together, and take selfies instead of actually using the bathroom.


As families grow and change, mom is always there for her little cubs, be they mini-me or all grown up.


Photo Credts: Stylisheve, Laura Sykora,  Nathan Hirsch, Hilaria Baldwin, Neil Kremer, Steph Anderson,  Ashley Lyons Sowa, Heather Terrel, Rebeka Photography, Sofi Fahram, Shila Dawn Pratt, Nati Castellanos Saavedra, wishcake, karlitchaa, Michelle Quance, Northcoastjournal