Life’s Lil Pleasures: A New Miniature Book By Evan Lorenzen


Do you want to read a book that only has a few words on each page but still makes you feel good inside? If so, Colorado-based artist Evan Lorenzen has just published the book of your dreams.

Standing less than 2-inches tall, “Life’s Lil Pleasures” is Lorenzen’s latest micro-book. It highlights all of the little things that make life on earth something we cling to, enjoy and love.

Each tiny page is packed with meaning, as his words have the power to evoke memories, emotions and inspirational thought. Check out some pages from “Life’s Lil Pleasures” below!


Lorenzen creates each of his mini-books using very few words, of which he picks very carefully. Lorenzen also adds lovely illustrations to his tiny books. The drawings may be small but just like the carefully selected words they pack a mighty punch, some spark laughter and others nostalgia.

miniature-book-lifes-lil-pleasures-evan-lorenzen-3The small drawings and compact phrases work together to create a magical world made from the smallest of books.


Most of the time Lorenzen prefers to work with pencil and ink, although he does incorporate some watercolors into his miniature books as well.


They say good things come in small packages, and that saying couldn’t be truer looking at this lovely little book that can fit in the palm of your thumb!


This fun book makes a great gift just because, or to celebrate a special occasion. Chances are, whomever you gift this little book to doesn’t have anything like it!


Evan works as an illustrator and animator. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he is hard at work focusing on the relationships between painting, animation and technological advancements. It wasn’t until recently that Lorenzen got into the art of making tiny books, most of which measure no more than 1-inch.


Lorenzen has created a number of mini projects he calls “Tiny Art,” including a collection of tiny Tarot Cards, A Field Guide To Cereal, The Little Book Of Big Ideas and more. Check out his official website to learn more.



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