Lifelong Friends Build ‘Bestie Row’ of Tiny Houses to Live Near Each Other

bestie row

Photo Credit: Alexander Stross

Remember when you were little and you wanted to play with your best friends forever? Many of us lose our childhood friends after we grow up, or at least outgrow wanting to spend that much time with them, but a group of four inseparable Texas couples decided to make the fun last forever by building their own compound of tiny homes on a piece of property they purchased together in a remote area on the Llano River outside of Austin, Texas The result is “Bestie Row.”

The original plan was to build one large house to share, but the couples quickly realized they would need some personal space. Since they were all fans of the small-living movement, they decided to build adjacent 400-square-foot cabins. They added one 1,500-square-foot communal building to house a kitchen, dining, and activity area.

Their individual homes cost around $40,000 each. They were designed for low environmental impact, and sustainability. The interiors of the homes are designed to look like a blend between modern and rustic.


Photo Credit: Alexander Stross


Photo Credit: Alexander Stross

The small cabins have no trouble containing the necessary living space and a bathroom with a little creative space management. The bathroom does look more than a little decent, don’t you think?


Photo Credit: Alexander Stross

This idea might just catch on, could you live in something like Bestie Row?