Leo’s Heartwarming Story, A Paralyzed Puppy Found On A Beach In Thailand


Meagan Penman is a young traveler with a tremendous heart. While on vacation in Thailand Meagan discovered a puppy on the beach. Unlike ordinary dogs, this puppy was paralyzed, dragging his back legs behind him as he traveled around the beach. Without second thought, Meagan knew that she had to help this little dog.

At first Meagan sought out rescue agencies in Thailand that might be able to help, but none of them were willing to take the dog in. Meagan soon realized she had only one option, she was going to take Leo all the way back home with her to Canada.


Meagan Penman writes that the dog would have been dead within a month if she had not intervened, and she is likely right. It sure wouldn’t be an easy life dragging half of your body weight around all day. As a result of getting around like this Leo had extensive wounds lining his inner thighs and legs, and it wouldn’t take long for these wounds to become badly infected.

Leo was awesome from day one; here he is waiting for treatment at a vet clinic in Thailand.


While at the vets, Meagan learned that Leo had a broken spine, the cause of his paralyzed legs and the reason he will never walk again.


Even after receiving medical care, Meagan could not find a shelter willing to take the dog, at which point she found a way to fundraise the money necessary to fly him back home to Canada with her.


Two months of initial treatment and Leo was finally ready to venture off to his new home.



As a young traveler, Meagan did not have the funds necessary to keep up with Leo’s care. For the first few days in Canada Leo lived with his awesome rescuer, but it didn’t take long for Meagan to find someone willing to foster the dog.


When Jamie read about Leo’s story online she wanted to help. She contacted Meagan explaining she had the time, love and space for the dog, she would just need a little help with the financials.

Pictured below, Jamie was overjoyed to become Leo’s foster family.


Taking care of Leo is very expensive, he requires a special diet, as well as prescriptions, and he also may require surgery in the near future. He also wears diapers due to a bladder infection and bladder stones. Jamie recently set up a fund to help raise money to pay for Leo’s vet bills; she exceeded her goal by more than double!

The fundraiser earned Leo a whole lot of attention; people from all over the world were intrigued by his story and adorable, wise face. As a result of the outpouring of love, a Facebook community page was created for Leo titled, Help Save Leo. Already the page has nearly 10,000 likes.



It is still unknown if Leo’s bladder troubles will dissipate or remain a lifelong issue.  Until the problem is fixed he has to wear diapers, like the bright blue selection he is pictured wearing below. With or without diapers this dog is downright adorable.



Now thanks to his new wheelchair Leo can enjoy the freedom of walking around, something he absolutely loves. K9 Carts, The Pet Mobility Rehab Center, donated the wheelchair to Leo.


The kindness that has poured in for Leo is overwhelming, and truly incredible. Meagan knew she couldn’t leave Leo behind, and thanks to her selfless act Leo has gotten a chance at a life he never could have imagined, not even in his wildest dog-gone dreams.


Photo Credits: Facebookyoucaring.com