Latest Trend: Men With Flowers In Their Beards


For centuries, perhaps even all of time, girls (and women) have worn flowers in their hair. A dainty flower tucked behind your ear is the perfect accessory for a summer BBQ or a hippie festival. Flowers are also worn as crowns and headbands, making flowers an everyday ordinary hair accessory for the female crowd.

On the other hand, men rarely get a chance to wear flowers in their hair. Perhaps only when they graduate from college, or visit Hawaii. While often unconsidered, this is sort of disappointing for men. After all, simply wearing flowers in your hair can make you feel happier, more light hearted, and closer with nature. A feeling that men want to experience just as much as the ladies.

And so the latest trend is born: men wearing flowers in their beard! While women can decorate the hair atop their head, men have hair on their face, meaning they can use flowers to accesorize in a whole new way.

Also known as the ‘facial flower crown’ look, this trend is up and coming, but that doesn’t mean you are likely to see any guys at your local grocery store wearing flowers in their beard. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these photographs of handsome men sporting beautiful flower beards.


Perhaps we can start to trace the origins of this trend back to Pierce Thiot. Pierce is an artist well known for incorporating his beard into his art. In the past he has used everything from tooth picks, candles, razors, pasta, and even drink umbrellas to adorn his beard.

Somehow, all of these items just fit into his beard, staying stuck in position for one wacky photo. Apparently Pierce isn’t the only one obsessed with decorating his beard, men all over the world are now accessorizing their facial hair–only instead of using toy legos and Q-tips, it’s all about the flowers… and leaves!


One questionable quality about most of these photos is that they are taken by females, which lends one to believe they are also likely staged by females. Causing me to wonder: are the flower beards popular amongst the handsome men photographed wearing them, the talented women behind the lens, or both?


Ashley Thalman is one of the female photographers responsible for a few of the beard photos displayed on this page.

Ashley used her photography skills matched with the eye of Sarah, a local floral designer well-known for her amazing flower displays. Sarah had been working on creating her own flower beards, using her husband David as a muse.

After hearing about the floral designer and her carefully crafted flower beards, Ashley came over to start photographing the gorgeous creations.


Careful not to shave off any of your flowers!


While wearing a flower beard it’s not easy to play hide-and-go-seek, everyone can smell out the wonderful fragrance of your flower beard!


I wonder if the flower beards ever get itchy?




People want to see even MORE flower beards, one Tumblr user urges anyone with a beard to post a flower beard photo. The same user cites a lack of unique beard photos on the site. So what are you waiting for? You never know, your flower beard just might go viral!


Sounds like the start of a joke… “A man walks into a bar wearing flowers in his beard…”



Would you date a man wearing flowers in his facial hair?



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