The Latest In Men’s Fashion: Crochet Shorts Made From Recycled Vintage Blankets


You have never seen clothing quite like this before! Crochet was once reserved for sweaters, scarves, and cozy blankets at Grandma’s house. Today, crochet is aiming to be the latest in men’s fashion shorts. LordvonSchmitt is the awesome Etsy shop offering these crochet shorts made from recycled blankets.

The shop’s owner Schuyler Ellers enjoys creating all different kinds of styles, including form-fitting booty shorts and flared bell-bottoms. The handmade pants with wild patterns and colors draw inspiration from the 1970s and 80s. Sticking true to the nostalgic theme, most of Ellers’ clothing creations are made from recycled vintage crochet afghans.

LordvonSchmitt makes crochet shorts, capris, and pants using colorful recycled yarn and fun patterns for both men and women. Check out this wild new fashion trend the hippie hidden within you is sure to love!


The crochet is form fitting for those looking to show off their curves. These shorts may accentuate your booty but you’ll remain extra comfortable considering crochet clothes are just like wearing a blanket. In a way these are sort of like fashionable, formfitting Snuggies!

Most of the collection is made from recycled vintage crochet afghans. In Ellers’ own words, “Afghan blankets are original pieces of folk art, hand made by artisans across America since the 1960’s and well before. With scissors and a sewing machine I transform vintage crochets into wearable sculpture!”


Ellers is based in Nevada City, California, and she ships her creations worldwide. Her crochet glamour is made to order, as each piece is handmade with love and lots of yarn. She has a number of available selections pictured on Etsy that you can order from, including pants, body suits, shorts, and capris.

Just don’t forget to specify your waist size and inseam, as well as the colors you want, otherwise you’ll get a random color scheme in a standard size medium.

Looking for something more personalized? Ellers also accepts custom orders, meaning you can submit your own ideas and see them come to life in colorful crochet.


“These funky crochet shorts are loads of fun!!! Great for the Playa, Northern Soul nights, Disco parties, or just wearing every day! These one-of-a-kind pants can easily be worn by a man or a woman, great for Burning Man, after the slopes, or for morning yoga in the winter.” 


Wondering how much these funky fun shorts cost? The basic crochet shorts are currently listed at $49. The longer, full coverage pants range between $79 to over $100. Considering how long it takes to crochet even just a small little scarf, these are some great prices for one-of-a-kind clothing you can’t find anywhere else.


Since these shorts are unisex you and your babe can get matching pants and be the most stylish couple in the room. Although, I’m sure some will be hard-pressed to get their significant other to agree to wear these shorts.


One of my favorites just has to be this crochet bodysuit ONSIE offered for $199.


These hip white bell-bottoms are equally amazing, and could be worn with many different tops to keep it fresh and mix things up.



If you are feeling these funky, new-wave crochet pants be sure to head over to Ellers’ shop on Etsy to find your perfect pair.

Photo Credit: Etsy