Laptop Scratching Post FINALLY Lets Your Cat Use A Computer Without Destroying Yours


When I’m on my computer my cats need more attention than ever. In fact, my laptop is often sat upon and pushed at by my needy felines. Suck.Uk has the perfect solution for laptop-destroying cats everywhere: a laptop scratching post. The cheap, disposable cardboard scratching post ensures your cat can do whatever the heck they want without actually destroying your laptop and costing you a pretty penny.

The laptop scratching post is only $35, and provides your cat with exactly what they crave most… the chance to destroy everything you own, especially things that take your attention away from serving your royal feline. The joke is on them this time though, as the scratchtop laptop isn’t yours at all. Instead, it’s your cat’s very own computer complete with ‘mouse’.

The cat toy looks like a real laptop but is actually a mock model with a scratching pad in place of a keyboard. The attached ‘mouse’ is a clever toy your cat will love playing with as well, especially since it’s nice and fluffy! Plus, you can even change out the desktop wallpaper by printing out any picture you think kitty will like best and slipping it inside through the slit on top of the ‘screen’.


Your cat’s scratching habits are not intentionally destructive. Instead, cats naturally need to scratch at things to remove old materials from their claws. The scent glands located in cat paws also release territory marking substances used to claim their favorite spots around the house.

In other words, if you want your cat to stop scratching up the couch, bed, or blinds you need to give them plenty of access to scratching posts. This laptop scratching post is one of the most innovative options out there! Get your paws on one here.

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