After Losing Her 3 Kittens This Momma Cat Took In 3 Abandoned Kittens In Need Of Mom


In honor of Mother’s Day here is a special story about a sweet momma cat named Mikey. Mikey was 8-months-old when she gave birth to 3 premature kittens, unfortunately all three died one-by-one due to weakness. Mikey’s owner Hillary did everything in her power to save the kittens, but there was nothing anyone could do.

Mikey was devastated, inconsolable and roaming the house in search of her babies. Yet, sometimes even the worst-case scenario can turn into a blessing, and for Mikey and 3 other kittens in need of mom that’s exactly what happened.

Hillary phoned a local cat rescue organization in desperation. Turns out, they had three abandoned kittens that needed Mikey more than anything. The baby fur balls were currently living with foster mom Amanda Lowe, through the Houston, Texas-based shelter Dori’s Darlings.


Days before Mikey lost her last kitten, 3 newborn kittens with umbilical cords still attached were delivered to the grieving mom. Before Mikey stepped in, Amanda and another foster mom, Kelli Nicole, cared for the 3 kittens 24/7. They named them Teddy, Lily and Abby.

When Amanda brought the new kittens to Mikey no one knew exactly what to expect but they bonded instantly. Mikey began licking and cuddling the kittens, treating them like they were her very own.

Within 15 minutes Mikey rolled onto her back, giving the invitation for the kittens to breastfeed. Lily was the first to take the bait, and then one after another they all followed along.

Amanda stayed close for two hours, watching Mikey cuddle, bath and fall asleep with her new gang of kittens at which point she knew it was safe to leave them with their new mom.


The story gets even better. Mikey’s current owners actually adopted her from a local animal shelter. Originally they thought they adopted a male cat, but when they took Mikey to the vet they found out he was actually a she, and she was also pregnant.


Mikey was very sad after losing her kittens, just like any momma would be. Taking in the abandoned kittens healed her broken heart. According to Amanda, Mikey may have needed the kittens even more than they needed her. “This was just an awful thing she went through (losing all of her babies) and this will be healing for her.”


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