Jumping Cats At Play Look Like Ninjas


Cats can jump so high, and they love it too! If you have had a collection of kitties, like I have, you know that some cats are far better jumpers than others. The most athletic cats can jump up to 5 times their own height with only one effortless hop!

These flightily felines know a thing or two about a graceful take off. Check out these jumping cats, so smooth soaring through the air they resemble ninjas. I sure wouldn’t want to be a mouse in their presence.


Not only can cats jump but they can survive some pretty wild falls–hence why cats truly do have 9 lives. One cat in particular holds the world record for the longest fall without fatality. Andy, owned by Florida Senator Ken Myer, fell an astonashing 200 feet from the 16th floor of an apartment building and survived.

Interesting fact: a 1987 study out of New York City analyzed 132 different cases of cats falling out of high rise windows. Researchers found cats that fell from higher floors were better off. Cats living on floors 1-7 should stay away from the windows, turns out this isn’t enough space for the cat to work their magic and land safely.

After the 7th floor, the speed of the cat naturally decreases because they are able to spread themselves out like kitty parachutes and lessen the force of their fall. In other words, if you have a cat you might want to request an apartment on the 8th floor or higher.


Cats have the strangest ways of playing. One minute my 2 kitties are the best of friends, and the next they are clawing each other up and shrieking clear across the house.

The cat on the ground is not looking forward to the big POUNCE he is about to get served…


Nonchalantly getting his bounce on… no big deal man, this bed is just like a trampoline! Not only are cats athletic little jumpers but they are also great at traveling.

Cats use the angle of the sun, PSI traveling, and the Earth’s magnetic fields to find their way around town. In proof, a number of cats have taken long and nearly unbelievable journeys in order to find their way back home to a loved one.


I will destroy that motionless bug that looks and tastes like paper!


Watch out little butterfly, one big cat is right on your wings!


“Goodbye sun, see you again tomorrow for another meeeooowww day!”


“No one said anything about me getting wet!!” Cats are known to dislike water for a number of reasons. For one, if their coat becomes soaked below the top layer they become waterlogged, or rather their coat becomes very heavy and uncomfortable.


For all of you out there with curious, quick, high-jumping cats you probably want to keep the fine china and breakables put away. Cats sure know how to get into trouble, but they look so cute doing it!


A new show on Animal Planet… When Kittens Attack!


Rocking out with a slightly self-conscious expression… cats are just too cute!


Judging by the tower of toys on the far right, this kitty cat knows she is living the good life.


Did someone say TUNA?!?!


It’s not everyday you spot a cat at the beach, this little feline feels pretty lucky to sink her paws into the sand. In fact, she’s walking on sunshine!


When cats are not jumping all over the house with big bushy tails, they are trying to take a nap. Cats are just as good at squeezing into tight spaces as they are at jumping. Meet 21 cats that prove no space is too tight for a nap!

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