Jet-Setting Pets To Get Their Own Luxury Airport Terminal

terminal pets

Photo Credit: WRAL TV/Facebook

Jet-setting pets at JFK Airport in New York can look forward to a new luxury terminal that will handle the more than 70,000 animals flying in and out every year.

Known as “The Ark,” high-flying canines and even stallions will get to relax, perhaps grab some Starbucks and wander around Hudson News looking for a good book at what will be the world’s first privately owned terminal dedicated solely to traveling animals.

The terminal is expected to open next summer and will feature an overnight pet resort and veterinary hospital. Admittedly, walking into Starbucks and asking for a shot of espresso may not be in the cards, but animals will be able to enjoy quite a few resort-like amenities.

the ark

Photo Credit: The Ark via

The Ark will feature climate-controlled stalls for large animals as well as paddling pools and spa services for pups. And people traveling with their pets will be able to watch them through special webcams.

One of the leading architects, Cliff Bollman, told the Associated Press, “A lot of our design making is in collaboration with veterinarians and consultants to help minimize the amount of stress placed on the animal.”

Traveling with pets has always been a challenge. As pawrents, you don’t want to leave your furry best friends at home, but at the same time, flying is very stressful for them, especially if they travel down in cargo. One can only hope that The Ark, with its hefty price tag of $48 million, will decrease the risk of harm for animals who have to fly.

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