Photographer Brings Japan’s Rich Culture to Those Who Can’t Get There

japan final

Photo Credit: Takashi Yasui

If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing Japan’s rich culture, but haven’t been able to journey all the way there, Japanese photographer Takashi Yasui can, in essence, bring it to you through his vibrant photos. The artist transports viewers to a variety of locations across its stunning landscapes that are flooded by the sun’s golden light, women dressed in silky kimonos, and magnificent architecture that offers the quintessential look at highly-skilled craftsmanship. Each image has incredible details that often aren’t initially noticed.

“Photography is a more than a pleasure, it is a passion,” Yasui says on his website, though his passion for Japan is evident in his culturally rich images.

Walk as if you’re there in his footsteps, taking in the sights, sounds and perhaps even the aromas of delicious street cuisine.