Japan’s Fox Village Is The Cutest Place On Earth


Foxes are irresistibly adorable, and Fox Village located in Japan brings you closer to these majestic creatures than ever before. At this awesome sanctuary six different species of fox live, all of which want your attention and your food.

Zao Fox Village is home to so many gorgeous animals, and visitors are more than welcome to visit for a small fee. For an extra 100-yen, or .85 cents, you will be given food to feed the foxes as they approach you from all sides. While it’s relatively safe, visitors are still cautioned against hand feeding or bringing small children, as the foxes are not domesticated.

In Japan, the fox is considered a sly trickster, and some even believe foxes have mystical powers. They are cute enough to put a spell on me, of that I am sure! See for yourself; take a virtual peek inside the cutest place on earth, Fox Village. Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page.


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Fox Village is located near the town of Shiroishi, although it is a good 20-30 minute drive up into the mountains from Shiroishi Station. The scenic drive is well worth it, as the village is full of 100 or more animals.

When you first enter the village you go through a petting zoo type exhibit where you can pet and take photos with miniature horses, goats, bunnies and more. All of these animals are in cages or on leashes, but that’s not all Fox Village has to offer.

The real magic happens in a different part of the village, where the foxes roam free. In the main part of the sanctuary the foxes are not on leashes or caged in at all, instead they move about the wide expanse doing just as they please. There are plenty of tall trees and shrubs in the area, making you truly feel like you are out in nature experiencing a swarm of beautiful foxes.


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The foxes get very close to visitors, in hopes of scoring some yummy food, but they are still considered wild animals. It is not advised to pet them because they might try and bite you in response. Some fox are clearly more personable than others, who will shy away if you even look at them.

Feeding the foxes is a lot of fun but there are a number of rules you will have to follow, such as throwing the food instead of hand feeding, and not feeding the foxes inside of cages.


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The foxes that reside here are truly living the good life. Without any predators to threaten their loved ones they can live a peaceful and happy existence with plenty of treats and admirers. The preserve even built little houses for the foxes to call home.

The foxes are not the only sights to enjoy; the enclosure is beautifully designed with shrines and statues and is surrounded by the gorgeous Miyagi Zao Mountains.


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Photo Credit: Gustav98se


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