Jacob’s Well, Texas’ Most Dangerous Diving Spot


As you jump in, it looks like you’re going to fall down an endless hole, as the 13-foot opening of Jacob’s well lurks beneath the water’s surface.jacobs-well-7[6]

If you do descend down the well, there are numerous chambers at various depths. The first chamber is located 30 feet from the top of the well, and it also continues another 55 feet down. Here it is bright, and wildlife and algae are present.jacobs-well-10[5]

Things change when you reach the second chamber, located 80 feet below the surface.jacobs-well-11[5]

Down here divers must be aware of a certain chimney that appears to be a way out of the chamber, this ‘fake’ exit has trapped and killed at least one diver. The third chamber can be reached through an opening located in the second chamber.