It’s a Hoot Hanging Out at the Owl Cafe

Tokyo Owl Cafe

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In Japan, cat cafes and even its rabbit cafes have become old news. Now, it’s owl cafes that are all the rage, in fact they’re popping up all over Tokyo. Cafés for these giant-eyed birds of the night like the Ikefukurou Owl Café in Ikebukuro give visitors a chance at personal encounters with the wise and mysterious creatures.

You can pet or take photos, non-flash photography only, with the owls for 1400 yen per hour (about 11.50 USD) during the week, or 1600 yen (13 USD) on the weekend.

Customers who visit the cafe are given a briefing on the safety rules and animal welfare before they can handle a bird. An American eagle-owl, mottled owl, tawny owl, vermiculated eagle-owls, several species of scops owl and a tropical screech owl are among some of the possible choices customers can choose from. You can also enjoy a beer or fruit juice during your visit.

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The domesticated owls appear to be quite content and are given plenty of treats throughout the day. The owners promises that precautions have been taken to ensure the owls’ safety and well-being every step of the way.

What do you think? Would you visit an Owl Cafe?

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