This Guy’s iPhone Fell Into Ocean And Recorded The Entire Way Down


When this guy’s iPhone fell into ocean waters he felt a wave of dread, until he realized that if someone could retrieve his phone from the ocean floor he had just scored some pretty unmatched footage. After all, his phone was set to record when it fell down into the abyss below.

While vacationing in Menorca, Spain Gregory Papadin was prepared to record his amazing adventures on his iPhone, he even made sure to put a waterproof case on his phone so that he could take video and photo footage out in the ocean. In the middle of a beautiful day in the ocean an accidental flick of his wrist sent his iPhone flying faster than he could move to retrieve it.

When the iPhone fell into ocean it dropped for an entire 2-minutes before landing on the ocean floor. Luckily, Gregory had a waterproof case on his phone so it didn’t incur any serious damage. Gregory lucked out once again when the captain of the boat made the dive down to retrieve his iPhone; he can be heard repeatedly thanking the captain after he retrieved the phone… and that’s before the saw how cool the footage was!

Every last second of the descent down to the ocean floor was caught on camera, watch here:

Gregory was in the middle of recording a video when his iPhone slipped out of his hand by mistake. Despite his efforts to save it, the iPhone fell faster than his hands could work to rescue it.


On the way down his iPhone captured a few fish, as well as a nice view of the beautifully bright sun.



Thankfully, the captain dived down to save the phone, as well as take the coolest underwater selfie ever!


Photo Credits: Gregory Papadin via

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