You Will Never Be Bothered Again Thanks To This Catty iPhone Case


We spend so much time on our smartphones that sometimes the outside world just drowns away. Of course, we should all focus on putting aside our cell phones and tablets to enjoy real human experiences as much as possible. Still, sometimes you have to take an important call while you’re out and about and you don’t want anyone to bother you in the process.

If you want the world to leave you alone as you chat away on your smartphone you need this hilarious cell phone case that literally flips off anyone that so much as looks in your direction. This iPhone case is perfect for cat lovers, and if cats used cell phones it would also be puurfect for their catty personalities.

The Lord Nermal iPhone case made by Ripndip was released to the public on September 22, 2015 and is selling out fast. People everywhere want help from this middle-finger flipping kitty cat to keep lurkers and intruders at bay while they talk or text on their phone.

The 100% silicone case is available for $30 and is made for the iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+. The company writes, “Pretty much the BEST product we ever made. If you don’t have an iPhone it’s worth buying one just to get this case.” If you don’t have an iPhone and have no plans of buying one we recommend purchasing a beanie, socks, or air freshener all sold by Ripndip with the same cat raising its middle fingers.


Get Your Lord Nermal iPhone Case Here!

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