A Look At 21 International Borders Around The World


International borders separate one country from another. History, current events, politics and demographics shape what takes place at these borders. While borders seem like permanent fixtures they have revolved throughout time, reminding us that the only constant is change.

Depending on how friendly bordering nations are borders drastically change. For instance, it’s easy to miss borders located between friendly nations located in the European Union’s Schengen zone, which are simply marked by a sign or line in the road. Other borders are impossible to miss, for instance the border between the US and Mexico is guarded by armed guards, long lines and clearly marked signs warning against illegally crossing from one side to the other.

These photos of international borders give you a taste of how both friendly and hostile countries like to secure their borders.

1. Sweden and Norway border


Photo Credit: Roda Larga

2. Haiti and The Dominican Republic are clearly distinguished by radically different environmental protection laws.

This is one case where the grass is literally greener on the other side.


Photo Credit: United Nations Environment Programme Disasters & Conflicts Sub-Programme

3. Residents from Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico engage in a volleyball game along the border separating the US and Mexico.


Photo Credit: Jeff Topping

4. The woman in red (on the right) stands at the border between the Lithuanian Village of Norviliskes and Belarus in order to talk with her Belarusian relatives that live across the fenced off border.


Photo Credit: Sergei Grits

5. Macau and Mainland China border; drivers drive on the left side of the road in Macau and on the right side of the ride in Mainland China, and so this is what they do at the border.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. This bench marks the border where Slovakia, Austria and Hungary all meet up.


Photo Credit: unknown

7. USA and Mexico border


Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

8. Australia’s oceanic borders separate it from the rest of the world


Photo Credit: Gillian Eeverett

9. The line between Norway and Sweden


Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. Poland And Ukraine border


Photo Credit: polinst.kiev.ua

11. Border between The Netherlands and Belgium marked by street signs that split houses and neighborhoods right down the middle.


Photo Credit: blog.insureandgo.com

12. Where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet up


Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Line marks border between Bolivia and Brazil


Photo Credit: jpl.nasa.gov

14. Another look at the USA and Mexico border


Photo Credit: theatlantic.com

15. Near the city of Aachen the borders of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium collide.


Photo Credit: www.wanderninsuedlimburg.de

16. Border between USA and Canada


Photo Credit: Ruedi Homberger

17. This zip line takes you between Spain and Portugal


Photo Credit: travelandleisure.com

18. Germany and Czech Republic border is highlighted by two different ways of handling bark beetle infestation… silvicultural intervention Vs. complete neglect.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Egypt and Israel border


Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

20. Spain and Portugal border


Photo Credit: imgur.com

21. Gorgeous Iguazu Falls marks the border between Argentina and Brazil


Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

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