Photographer Shows The Truth Behind Instagram Photos


Research has found that simply looking at Facebook and Instagram too often can actually cause people to experience depression because it looks like everyone else is having more fun. If you’ve ever looked through your Instagram feed and suddenly felt like your life is a little lackluster, don’t let it get to you. Most of the photos people post only capture a small fraction of reality, which likely isn’t any different or better than your own.

People post photos to social media in hopes of creating a particular image for themselves, and with tools like Photoshop people can make their life look any way that they want. Even the most mundane situations can be made to look pretty fantastic with a few camera tricks and editing tools.

In other words, most Instagram photos only tell a small portion of an entire story. This is the point behind Bankgkok-based photographer Chompoo Baritone’s photo series. Baritone studied photography at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Thailand. She is using her talents to debunk the ideal perfection portrayed by Instagram accounts around the world.

Baritone isn’t the first to point out and criticize the way people use social media to glam up their life and set unrealistic expectations for followers, but she does have a unique method for shouting out the truth. We love the way her photo series is bringing some reality into the virtual world of social media.

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