Endre Penovác’s Ink And Watercolor Cats Slowly Bleed Into Paper Masterpieces


Cats are rather mystical creatures, capable of moving from one place to another with the slyness of an invisible ghost. Serbian-born artist Endre Penovác’s artwork skillfully displays the true identity of cats everywhere, beautiful, confident and capable of blending in anywhere to sneak up on you.

Penovác uses a special process that gives his ink and watercolor cats the appearance that they are slowly bleeding into the paper. He dilutes his ink and watercolor pigments by using a considerable amount of water, thus causing them to spread across the paper on their own.

This style of painting is far from easy, in fact it makes the paint more difficult to control, but it gives each painting a ghostly, fuzzy quality. This effect is purrfect for painting one of Penovác’s favorite subjects: black cats.

Penovác began his unique ink and watercolor cats series using only black and white, but his latest additions include hints of color and negative space.

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-5Penovác was born in Tornjoš in 1956. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad and has worked as an independent artist for many years. His work has been featured in exhibitions all across Europe since 1981.

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-11In an interview with Bored Panda Penovác explained, “I have been using watercolors for decades. I have been using watercolors for decades.”

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-19“Watercolor painting is unique and unrepeatable, there is no making corrections, adding layer upon layer like you would to an oil painting.”

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-2“To say something new and magical about somebody or something – even in art – is only possible if we know it. Thus it is natural that I draw inspiration from my surroundings, for example one of my main characters, ‘Boszi’ (Witch in English) – our black cat.” Penovác adds, “Therefore, I apply watercolor technique in a way that allows paint and water to create miracles on the paper.”

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-3watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-20watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-9watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-4watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-13watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-23watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-7Check out Penovác’s website to see more of his awesome artwork, which is far from exclusive to cats.

watercolor-cats-ink-paitings-endre-penovac-16Photo Credits: penovacendre.comSaatchi ArtFacebook

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