Incredibly Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Art By Maude White


Maude White is an artist from Brooklyn, New York capable of crafting something truly incredible out of paper. For some of us, simply cutting a straight line through paper can be tricky. Let alone cutting out more intricate patterns, say for instance a paper snow flake. Maude takes her hand-cut paper creations many levels beyond the classic snowflake, forming paper art like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Her hand crafted art is made using only a craft knife and paper, yet her designs are so perfect and intricately detailed, you truly have to see it to believe it. Maude has both love and respect for paper, she is always impressed by the strength each tiny strand possesses. She pushes paper to its limits, always admiring how thin she can cut the strips of paper and they still hold strong. Maude finds comfort in this strength, in fact she admits she is not cutting for the sake of art, but for the sake of paper.

On the official Maude White website, the artist dives deeper into her fascination with paper, using her noteably strong writing skills to explain the emotional attachment she shares with paper. “When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath.”

Check out some of Maude’s amazingly intricate hand-cut paper art here!


Maude grew up in a family of storytellers causing her to question the story behind everything. Just looking at the detail that brings these paper animals to life, it’s easy to see exactly what Maude means when she says, “Very rarely do we rely on words alone. It is what we see, and how our brains interpret what we see that shapes our perceptions and actions. I began cutting paper with that understanding. I want my art to communicate to the observer what my words cannot do effectively.”


Creating exquisite pieces people want to own is nothing new for this artist. She owns Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry company, which is know for its paper art and handmade felt jewelry, all made by the one and only Maude White. In fact, her art can be seen all around New York from local art magazines, such as the Carrier Pigeon, to popular shows, such as the Western New York Book Arts Center Member Show.



Without the artist imposing her hand into some these pictures, the paper is so intricately designed it appears to be a drawing or computer design. Instead these are actual paper clippings, of which the incredibleness can’t be fully realized without the presence of her hand.


Maude has a busy upcoming month in September, she will be showing off her awesome artwork at an exhibition in New York and she will also be offering a new selection of framed paper art pieces for sale online.


Most of Maude’s experience includes gallery shows and displays, although recently her collections have expanded into a shop operated by the artist through the popular site, Etsy. These pictures can’t do justice for the in-person elegance and perfection of each hand-crafted masterpiece.

The one review on Maude’s Etsy page says: “It’s even more beautiful than I thought it would be!”

Before you log in to purchase your own amazing Maude White artwork, she currently is out of merchandise. It takes her some time to cut all of the intricate paperwork for her precious creations, but she promises more merchandise will be available soon.

In a note she writes to customers and fans, “Y’all are wonderful! I’ve sold all of the items I currently have cut and ready! I will have more soon so please don’t forget about me!” But how could we, Maude White leaves behind far too detailed an impression to be forgotten.


Photo Credits:, Etsy, Facebook