Incredible Welding Art By 23-Year-Old Welder From Chicago


Welding is a very particular art, not just a learned skill but a creative outlet as well. Chicago-based 23-year-old Richard Lauth loves nothing more than creating beautiful welding art from sheets of metal.

Lauth works as a Local 150 ASIP Operating Engineer, but when he’s off the clock he spends his time making incredible art out of metal. His varied works of art include abstract and themed sculpture, decorations and models. He combines so many beautiful colors and textures into his work, offering the eye nonstop details to take in.

Forge welding, the act of welding two pieces of metal together with the use of high heat and hammering together, has been around since as far back as the Bronze Age. According to the Greek historian Herodotus, Glaucus of Chios “was the man who single-handedly invented iron welding” in the 5th century BCE. Thanks to scientific advancements, arc welding, the process in which metals are welded together using an electric arc as the heat source, arrived on the scene a bit later, between 1881-82.

You can follow Richard Lauth (@dickwally) on Instagram, and order his incredible creations on Etsy.

welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-2welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-5welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-20From historical figures to cartoon characters, there’s nothing this welder can’t create!

welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-13welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-21welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-18Don’t forget to follow Richard Lauth on Instagram to see more of his uniquely beautiful welding art.

welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-1Photo Credits: InstagramEtsy

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