Incredible Street Art That Might Challenge The Way You View The World

german street artist

Photo Credit: Edgar Mueller via Chalk Guy

After being in any place for a while, it’s easy to become used to our surroundings. We often overlook things we don’t expect to be there as neighborhoods provide a kind of psychological blueprint for how we think the city or suburb might look, so we very rarely discover anything new as we go about our daily lives. These incredible street art images capture works that tends to challenge our conventions. They startle the mind, forcing us to look and get inspired to see things in a whole new light. Even those little things that we usually take for granted, like a boring wall, freeway overpass or stretch of road, transformed in the hands of an artist, seems to take on an entirely new dimension, opening our eyes to possibilities.

The talent behind these images reveals the amazing skills of street artists who are transforming cities around the globe with interesting, and sometimes, breathtaking, works of art. Pictured above, German street artist Edgar Mueller challenges the perception of passersby. The 3D picture appears in large scale, directly on the pavement. It appears to be a quiet street, but the apocalyptic scene offers itself to the observer, with the pavement bursting and lava flowing into a raging sea, where cars once darted back and forth and people went about their daily tasks. Nothing is like it once was.

These other striking photos need no explanation – they’re here to challenge your mind and the way you view the world. Whatever you think about them, don’t give into peer pressure – see them how you see them, and no one else.

street art hand

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street art glass

forced perspective tree

on off switch

street art hand girl

street art basketball