Artist Creates Incredible 3D Drawings That Will Make You Think It’s the Real Thing

stefan pabst

Photo Credit:Stefan Pabst via YouTube

Born in Russia but now living in Germany, artist Stefan Pabst uses oil dry-brush techniques to create incredible 3D drawings that quite literally jump out of the page. They look so real in fact, it’s hard to believe they aren’t alive.

Pabst told BuzzFeed that he began by painting faces. Doing it for 10 hours every day. But after a while he got bored and “wanted to go beyond the boundaries of the sheet of paper and leave 2D behind.”

Soon, his dream became a reality as he continued to explore his remarkable talent.

moon pabstspider pabst

horse pabst

horse pabst2

While you might question what you’re seeing, you can watch Pabst in action on his YouTube channel, as he proves that his paintings are authentic. He’s produced a moon that rises above his paper, a horse who appears to be peeking out of his canvas, and an eerily realistic spider.

This glass of water is so realistic you just might want to take a drink.

water pabst

Pabst told MailOnline that the painting of the glass of water, which he captured on video and uploaded to his YouTube channel, is among his most successful pieces:

While they are all highly impressive, the 35-year-old says he wants to continue to improve by creating 3D portraits, explaining, I want to inspire people through my art and show them that they can do anything. I want to show the magic of painting.”