This Illustrator Adds Hilarious Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos


Beware what you post on your Instagram account, you never know if Lucas Levitan is watching and waiting to give your photos a completely different meaning. Lucas is a Brazilian illustrator currently based in London, and thanks to his wild imagination he thinks up something unique to add to every photo he sees.

His hilarious cartoon illustrations completely alter the story a particular picture has to tell, making you rethink what you see all together. He cleverly calls his creative series “Photo Invasion,” and for good reason, invading other peoples’ photos is exactly what he does.

Good thing his work is so funny or else someone might get upset! Lucas is no photo thief; he makes sure to pay credit where credit is due by linking to the Instagram account of the photo he has added his own special touch to. You can check out some of Lucas’ “Photo Invasion” series below.

Watch Out Behind You! 


Squirrel Selfies In The Park 

As always, when Lucas posted this photo invasion to his Instagram he made sure to give a shout out to the talented Austrian photographer responsible for the original squirrel image, which is rather cute all on its own!


Giant Granny In Socks And Slippers Out Cleaning The Beach 

I love how from such great heights humans appear to be so small, like little ants dotting the planet. Size is all about perspective, then again what isn’t all about perspective?


Hope The Water Isn’t Too Cold For Your Liking! 

Walking out on this limb seemed like a somewhat risky idea, but with Lucas’ added illustrations it suddenly seems like a sure bad bet.


Meet The Cartoon Men That Live In Your Freezer 


The Perfect Roadside To Knit A Warm Sweater 

When Lucas is not busy invading strangers’ Instagram photos with his hilarious cartoon drawings, he works as an art director, comic artist, photographer, puppeteer, and filmmaker. Making this creative genius a very busy guy.


Fishing In London’s Smallest Body Of Water


Musical Bridge


Lucas takes everyday photos and makes them silly, awkward, inventive, or whatever he pleases, he just makes sure the photos are never boring.

What Happens If I Make A Cut Right Here?


Kick Off! I’m Trying To Read Over Here


Let Me Iron Out Those Wrinkles For You 

Can someone send this wrinkle-erasing cartoon character over to my house?


This Strong Woman Deserves A Sweet White Flower 

The victim of this photo invasion is Gisele Bundchen’s. Lucas writes of this photo, “Here she’s doing head stand, I know it’s hard because I practice Yoga, but harder than head stand is heart stand, which is what Manoel is doing to express his feelings to Gisele.”

Are you wondering who Manoel is? The cartoons that Lucas draws have names, personalities, and background stories which you can learn more about here.


Jumping Rope In The Museum Is Fun 

Of this photo invasion Lucas writes, “Today I invaded the room 36 of @britishmuseum.”


Milk Fresh From The Source


Farming For Lashes


A Rather Daring Game Of Jenga 

Lucas writes of this photo, “Perhaps on this intervention I give the right clue to solve the mysteries of Stonehenge. It was, on my point-of-view a Jenga game players by giants Druids.”


What Happens If I Just Give One. Little. Push.


Top Of The Hour!

Lucas searched long and hard for the perfect photo of Big Ben, now known as Elisabeth Tower, to invade.


The Day Chess Tournaments Got The Credit They Deserve


Paradise Just Got Some Headless Company 


The Bloody Leader


Maybe You Should Consider Taking A Different Bridge Today…


Photo Credits: lucaslevitan.comInstagram