Illegal Dumper Mistakenly Leaves ID In Trash And Has It All Returned To His Front Yard

Illegal Dumper

Frederick Tomlinson of Queensland, Australia is a true friend to the environment. He recently uncovered a large load of junk illegally dumped in the wilderness of Australia and did something pretty cool about it.

Tomlinson took photos of the trash he found, including children’s books, a fish tank, and most importantly… the illegal dumper’s ID. The ‘lost’ junk now had a locatable owner and Tomlinson would stop at nothing to make sure the rightful owner got all of their stuff back.

As Tomlinson’s mission unraveled he discovered from a neighbor that the illegal dumper was a man and all of the trash belonged to his wife and kids. He had illegally left the piles of ruble after his family left him for beating his wife. Looks like this guy is learning life lessons all over the place… losing his family, and now ending up with a front yard full of trash!

After Fredrick Tomlinson discovered the abandoned trash he posted this photo and caption to his Facebook:

illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-26Tomlinson didn’t leave one bit of trash behind; he wanted to make sure the rightful owner got everything back.

illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-6“He done a house clean up 2 days ago, we found the rubbish and returned it.”

illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-4“Two ute loads, had another bloke the size of Hercules who helped me as he wasn’t impressed with it either.”

illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-27illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-55Here it is, all of the trash right back where it belongs! Hopefully this man learns his lesson and gets rid of his trash in a more responsible way from now on…

illegal-dump-garbage-front-yard-frederick-tomlinson-queensland-australia-1Photo Credits: Facebook

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