Ice Storm Causes Frozen Cars To Leave Behind Icy Bumper Shells


North Carolina’s recent ice storm has been causing all kinds of spooky things to happen… like phantom frozen bumpers mysteriously parked around town. Kimberly Freeman was shocked to see this frozen Jeep bumper standing up on its own icicle feet in the parking lot where she works. Lucky for us, she quickly captured a photo of the nearly unbelievable sight.

There have been a couple of theories circulating the origin of this icy ghost-mobile. According to the experts, the most likely scenario of all is that the driver warmed up the engine before driving away. In the process, the ice loosened from the warming car but remained in tact due to the frozen icicles holding it up from the ground.

The ice sculpture was left behind on a Tuesday afternoon in February, just a little over one week ago, by an unknown Jeep parked in the visitor’s lot of Vidant Medical Center. The local news station did a double take when they received the first photos of the Jeep bumper, sent in by Kimberly Freeman. Shortly thereafter the station received another photo of the frozen Jeep bumper, this one was taken from the backside showing off a different angle.


Photo Credit: WITN

The second person to submit photos of the Jeep to WITN was another Vidant employee. Terry Costakis snapped his photos at about the same time as Freeman. His photos and information confirmed the validity of Freeman’s awesome photographs. As for the owner of the Jeep… they still remain a mystery!

The images quickly went viral after appearing on the WITN news station. And within only two days the icy Jeep bumper was the number one trending story on Facebook. A result the woman behind the photograph never expected. Kimberly Freeman works as a clinical dietician at the East Carolina Heart Institute. She was walking to her car with a friend after work on Tuesday afternoon when the pair noticed the frozen spectacle.

Using her iPhone, Freeman quickly shot a few photos, planning to show her family and friends the neat frozen bumper. With some encouragement from her friend Freeman decided to send the photos to WITN. Within days the photos snapped from her iPhone had gone viral.


Photo Credit: WITN

Within as little as a week news outlets worldwide had used the photos to share the neat story. Perhaps wildest of all, Jeep has now contacted Freeman about using the frozen photos.

Freeman says of the experience, “I’m overwhelmed. To me it’s just a really cool picture I shared with a few people and now I’m hearing from everyone that it’s gone viral. I think it’s crazy.”

It’s not every day people see something like this, and the weather isn’t always this icy in North Carolina. Gov. Pat McCrory told reporters, “This is not your typical North Carolina winter storm. We’re used to the Carolina sunshine coming right back. That’s not going to happen.”


Photo Credit: WITN

You might feel the urge to yell fake, but before you do know that this isn’t the only car it has happened to. A number of different vehicles left behind frozen grills during the ice storm.

Here is yet another car that left behind a ghostly ice bumper. Stan Bryda of Fayetteville discovered a magical icy creation made by his car after Monday’s freezing rain. Once he peeled the ice from the front of his Dodge Charger, this is what was left behind…


Photo Credit: Facebook

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