Meet George: The Human-Like Cat That Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs


George is one adorable cat taking the Internet by storm, which is clearly a part of his plan for world domination. This human-like cat has preferred to stand on 2 legs ever since he was a little kitten.

George’s owner recently shared photos of his rather upright cat on Reddit, causing quite a stir amongst cat lovers around the world. He captioned the cute photos of his human-like cat, “He is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Really bizarre, but sweet.”

George is also on Instagram as ‘george2legs‘ and he likely has more followers than you. Over 25.3k people follow his every 2-legged meow.  You can also check out George’s Youtube channel for more entertainment.


George doesn’t always stand on 2 legs; he knows how to stand on all four legs like a real cat. The thing is he just loves getting up on two paws; for one it offers a much better vantage point, and it might even grant him more power over the dogs!



I get to see my cats stand up on two legs every once in a blue moon… and I love it every time! George, on the other hand, can hardly impress his owner these days by standing on two legs since he does it all the time. That’s okay though, at least he can continue to impress the Internet with his adorable antics.


A quick peek at George’s Instagram account proves he does a lot of other human-like things as well, such as drive the car, eat at the table (sitting upright of course), and cuddle by the fire with his 2 dog pals. Check out his Instagram to see more of his hilarious adventures as a human-like cat!



George loves to stand tall and watch the weather unfold outside.



There is no escaping George… he is always watching!


Photo Credits: Instagram