18 Huggable Hamsters That Are Too Cute To Resist


Hamsters don’t get enough credit for how adorable they truly are. Hamsters have been kept as pets for a very long time, and for good reason. Not only are these clever critters cute and sweet but also they make great pets that are relatively easy to care for, at least in comparison to a dog or cat.

One of the reasons hamsters are so irresistibly cute is their huge chubby cheeks, which they use to transport food back to their burrows in the wild. These cheek pouches can measure two times the size of a hamster’s face.

Despite how awesome hamsters are, around only 2% of the American population has one for a pet. If you don’t already own one, perhaps this list of huggable hamsters will inspire you to get your very own hamster.

1. Peek-A-Boo!

cute-hamsters-54__880Photo Credit: vladmacaru

2. Bubbles!!

cute-hamsters-7__880Photo Credit: c o m p a s s )

3. Bad Hair Day

cute-hamsters-52__880Photo Credit: astakatrin

4. Swinging Life Away

cute-hamsters-23__880Photo Credit: drocks27

5. Too Cute For Words

cute-hamsters-6__880Photo Credit: Matt G

6. Here I Come!

cute-hamsters-1__880Photo Credit: Julian Rad

7. Wanna Play?

cute-hamsters-2__880Photo Credit:  Anton Shaposhnikov

8. The Perfect Lil Hamster Bed

cute-hamsters-29__880Photo Credit: Marina Zinovieva

9. Nom Nom Berries

cute-hamsters-57__880Photo Credit: Leopold Kanzler

10. Handfull Of Cuteness

cute-hamsters-4__880Photo Credit: Muchogatos

31 Palms Overflowing With Cuteness

11. Taking The Time To Smell The Flowers

Fun fact: hamsters are color blind and rely on their heightened sense of smell to navigate the world.

cute-hamsters-12__880Photo Credit: Julian Rad

12. Look At Those Color Markings, It’s Like He’s Wearing A Little Sweater

cute-hamsters-56__880Photo Credit: Leopold Kanzler

13. New Use For Paper Towel Roll… A Hamster Tunnel

cute-hamsters-5__880Photo Credit: Dee Mason

14. Food Lover <3 Stuffing Her Cheeks Trying To Save Some For Later

cute-hamsters-231__880Photo Credit: Wetzel Wetzelino

15. Cup Full Of Cuteness

cute-hamsters-3__880Photo Credit: Olga Kryvoshei

18 Cups Overflowing With Cuteness

16. Don’t Mind Me While I Stuff My Face

cute-hamsters-53__880Photo Credit: Stacy D

17. Oh Shucks!

cute-hamsters-27__880Photo Credit: Alex Art

18. Cute And Talented

huggablehamster1Photo Credit: Earthprints/Carol

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