Russian Photographers Reveal How Birds See the World Through Stunning Images


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What would you see if you could fly? There are few people who haven’t at least thought about it, and for those who dream of seeing our planet from a bird’s-eye view, panoramic images by AirPano is probably the closest thing to it. The team of Russian photographers travel the world taking spectacular aerial photos of the world’s most breathtaking locations, providing an amazing look at how birds see the world.

The not-for-profit project includes more than 2000 aerial panoramas and shows over 200 famous locations across the globe to date, including North Pole, Antarctica, Mariana Trench, and even the Earth’s view from the stratosphere. New virtual tours are posted on the site at every week. Using AirPano’s special viewer, visitors can pan around and look in every direction, making them feel like they’re really on location.

“Although we usually photograph from a helicopter, we also like to shoot from an airplane, a dirigible, a hot air balloon, and a radio-controlled helicopter,” the team notes.

Pictured above is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.



If you look at a map of Amsterdam, you can see channels spread out in semicircles from the Central Station, located on the banks of the outgoing sea strait IJ. Canals and bridges are everywhere here, and water traffic does not concede to the intensity of the ground-based traffic.

Central Park, New York City, New York

Central Park

Dubai Marina, UAE


Santorini, Greece

santorini airpano

Rome, Italy

rome airpano

Paris, France

paris air pano