What’s More Relaxing Than a Hot Tub? A Hot Tub Hammock


All Photo Credits: Hydro Hammock

The world’s first “hot tub hammock,” the hydro hammock, may be the most relaxing product ever invented. After all, hanging out in a hammock is a great way to unwind, and soaking in a hot tub is incredibly relaxing too – now, the two have become one for the ultimate in peace and tranquility.

Genius inventor Benjamin H. Frederick even created a portable heating system that will heat whatever water you use in your Hydro Hammock, be it lake, river or sea water. The hammock itself is made of resilient and waterproof tensile fabric that can hold two adults and about 50 gallons of water. The heating system currently runs on natural gas, though there are plans to expand to battery and solar electricity as well. A double-walled model lets you insulate it and use it during the winter, too.


The creators of the Hydro Hammock turned to Kickstarter to help fund its production with a crowdfunding campaign that’s trying to raise $50,000. To date, the company has raised over $14,000 with nearly three weeks to go.

You can pre-order the single or double capacity Hydro Hammocks with a donation of $260 and $390, respectively, but that only gets you the fabric sling you can fill with water. If you also want to transform it into a hot tub with warm bubbling water, and we think that’s the whole point, you will need to donate an additional $920 for the portable water heater, pump and other required hardware.

All-in-all it’ll cost you around $1,200 to experience the joys of the incredibly relaxing hot tub hammock. Not a bad deal for the ultimate in stress relief.