Hoot Alert: Owl Bar Opening In London To Raise Funds For Owl Conservation


This pop-up bar is set to be the greatest hoot in town! London is only a few weeks away from hosting a pop-up owl bar to raise money for owl conservation. Londoners are beyond excited, and thousands of people have already entered the ballot for a chance to attend.

Similar to the owl cafes in Tokyo, Annie the Owl along with some of her hoot friends will be visiting London for quite an exciting event. The owls will be hanging out at a surprise location in London’s Soho neighborhood for an entire week. 20 pounds ($31) will buy you a ticket, plus a chance to see these adorable owls up close and personal. Tickets originally included 2 cocktails, but concerns over animal rights have removed alcohol from the itinerary.

Instead of alcohol attendees will now enjoy sipping on fresh smoothies. Who needs booze when you can get love drunk on these gorgeous and majestic creatures? Tickets will be distributed by ballot due to the huge amount of interest, in fact over 65,000+ people have already sent in a request to attend.

The event organized by Locappy is fun and truly good for the owls. All proceeds will be donated to the Barn Owl Centre, an organization in the UK dedicated to protecting owls. The pop-up bar complete with owls will open its doors March 19-25 from 8:30 PM till 2:00 AM.


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The concept for a pop-up owl bar is similar to cafes in Tokyo that offer food, beverages and really cute owls you can hang out with.


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A bar is not the perfect place for an owl in many regards, but owls are nocturnal and therefore ready to party all night long.


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There have been some concerns from animal welfare groups in regards to the owls attending the event. The organizers of Annie the Owl have released a statement confirming that the safety of the owls is their top priority.

Professional falconers will be on site and with each owl throughout the entire event to ensure all of the owls are comfortable and safe. The site of the event has already been inspected to ensure it is 100% safe for the owls. Plus, there will be plenty of food and water available for the birds and all noise and background music will be limited. Owls will have a maximum of 10-12 people around him or her at any given time during the sit-down event.


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Here are some of the gorgeous owls that will be making celebrity appearances at the pop-up owl cafe in London:



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The event is only scheduled to span one week in order to prevent the owls from getting too stressed.


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 The owls belong to a professional falconry center. The owls are well trained and accustomed to being around the public, and they have attended all kinds of events including weddings.


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The Barn Owl Centre is a charity located at Netheridge Farm, a 12.5 acre spread dedicated to the welfare of birds and all wildlife. All proceeds from the pop-up owl bar will be donated to this awesome owl charity. The Barn Owl Centre plans to use the donation to build a new owl aviary.

If you don’t live in London but would like to help fund The Barn Owl Centre you can offer your support in a variety of ways by visiting the Support page on their official website.


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