I Was Holding My Breath During His Death-Defying Ride On Two Wheels


Danny MacAskill is a Scottish biker known for his amazing and rather brave bike riding skills. Recently, Danny traveled to his hometown of Skye, Scotland in order to ride along the death-defying Cuillin Ridgeline. The Cuillin Ridgeline is known as one of Scotland’s most beautifully dangerous landscapes.

The entire trail ride is caught on camera in a 7-minute video clip that was released on October 2, 2014, and is titled, The Ridge. The heart-pounding ride was caught by a go-pro strapped to Danny’s helmet, and a helicopter camera crew following above in close pursuit. The whole thing is enough to take your breath away. You might even find yourself praying for this wild guy’s life; after all I have never seen someone ride a trail like this before!

In order to reach the trail Danny starts off in a canoe with his black, pink and green bike on board and ready to go.


He then uses his bike like a pogo stick to hop along the rocks before rolling over a fallen tree trunk and beginning his decent upwards along the ridge trail.


Not only is Danny a skilled bike rider with mad talent, but you have to admit that he is also very blessed, any number of things could go wrong on this trail. The local mountain rescue team in the area warns all who even think about taking on the same challenge. The terrain here is not leveled out for bikes and reaches a towering 3,254 feet up in the air.


Not only does Danny blow you away with his bike riding skills along rugged paths with a mix of gravel and slick rocks, but he never even for a moment lets viewers get bored. If the scenery isn’t enough to keep your eyes peeled, his bike tricks are wild enough to do the trick.

Since this isn’t exactly a trail made for walking your dogs or taking a Saturday afternoon bike ride, there are huge gaps in the trail where Danny has to use his jumping skills to air lift himself across to the other side. He seems to do so with such grace and ease.




At 28-years old, Danny has made a name for himself as an incredibly accomplished professional bike rider. Back in April of 2009 Danny first caught media attention when he posted a video to YouTube that featured 5 1/2 minutes of him riding street trials. His flatmate at the time, Dave Sowerby filmed the footage, and the team paired it with music by Band Of Horses.

Clearly Danny MacAskill is also great at rock climbing, so good in fact he can do it with his bike slung over his shoulder.



Once upon a time Danny was an auto mechanic for over 12 years, but the stability of a 9-5 job wasn’t for this dare devil. He eventually quit his day job to take to the trails professionally full time. In November of 2010 Danny released yet another video met with much buzz and popularity titled Way Back Home. It featured him riding through many of Scotland’s famous locations such as Edinburgh Castle, North Berwick, and the Inchgarvie Island where wartime bunkers still exist.

Since then Danny MacAskill has shot a number of incredible videos, and earned a number of brag-worthy sponsorships such as Redbull–and how very appropriate considering Danny appears to actually have wings!



His latest video, The Ridge, featured in all of these photos, as well as the video below, earned over 10 million views within only 5 days of being online, making it Danny MacAskill’s most popular video to date.


After completing the Cuillin Ridgeline trail, Danny casually sits down to take a breather at the bottom of the ridge, overlooking the beautiful waters and blue skies–he must be pretty proud of himself, he sure deserves to be!


While the photos are jaw dropping alone, wait until you see the full video of the epic mountain bike ride by Danny MacAskill….

Photo Credits: CutMedia