This Hippopotamus Chair By Maximo Riera Is The Size Of A Real Hippo


Why sit on boring traditional chairs when you can sit on chairs that look like animals? That’s exactly what Maximo Riera must have thought when he came up with the idea for his Animal Chairs collection. One of the latest masterpieces added to his collection is this hippopotamus chair, which is the same size as a real-life hippo!

Of all the animals out there the hippo serves as one of the best to replicate a sofa–the biggest chair of all! Riera finished the hippopotamus chair with his signature all-black luxury style.

Fine-art chairs don’t always look too comfortable, but this hippopotamus chair looks like a plush and cozy delight!


Riera has been involved with art for the last 30-years, his experience includes photography, painting and sculpture. No matter what creative endeavor he is working on, Riera remains focused on vibrant color usage and extreme attention to detail. He writes on his website, “There is a predominant influence from abstract expressionism and the Pop Art movements.”

Before retiring, Riera worked full time in the medical industry, and yet he still found time to be an artist, organizing exhibitions and other events for his art. Now that Reira is retired he is happy to dedicate all of his time to his passion for the arts.


Other Animal Chairs from Maximo Riero’s awesome collection:



While Riera has used black for his previous animal chairs, he is now incorporating neutral tones to his latest collection of Animal Chairs 2015.

He writes on his website, “The Animal Chair collection has evolved, adopting a different approach, more realistic. A greater importance to detail and colour has been given to the new edition where black is forgotten giving way to natural tones.”

For instance, the latest elephant chair is not black, but instead relies on hues of gray:


Check out Riera’s website to see more of his incredible work!

Photo Credits: maximoriera.comInstagram