19 Things So Hilariously Similar To Each Other You Can’t Help But Laugh


As unique as the world may be there are certain people, animals, objects and foods that look so much like something else it is rather shocking, and not to mention hysterical.

We have shared some pretty great similarities in the past, but it seems the Internet just keeps getting better and better at finding unlikely twins. Here is the latest list of hilariously similar things you are going to love!

1. Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is Apparently Interchangeable With The Penguin From Batman Returns

similar-things-look-alike-41__700Photo Credit: Unknown

2. The Firefox Mascot Isn’t A Fox… It’s This Dog!

similar-things-look-alike-20__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Chocolate Croisants Or Little Baby Sloths?

similar-things-look-alike-17__700Photo Credit: gabbathehutt

4. 3,000 Year Old Egyptian Bust Has Michael Jackson Written All Over It

similar-things-look-alike-3__700Photo Credit: Arian88

5. Albert Einstein’s Twin Is A Taxi Driver In NYC

similar-things-look-alike-30__700Photo Credit: goooooooneyaka

6. Madonna Is Flexible As A Frog

similar-things-look-alike-52__700Photo Credit: Unknown

7. This Potato Looks Just Like A Seal

similar-things-look-alike-44__700Photo Credit: RealMayer

8. Bat Embryos Look Like Baby Darth Vaders

similar-things-look-alike-10__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. French Minister Of Education Is Ready To Avenge Oberyn

similar-things-look-alike-37__700Photo Credit: zhengiskhan

10. As Leonard Dicaprio Ages He Looks More And More Like Jack Nicholson

similar-things-look-alike-12__700Photo Credit: Unknown

11. When Your Squash Looks Too Much Like A Duck For Vegetarians To Eat

similar-things-look-alike-28__700Photo Credit: ADgiant

12. Neil Patrick Harris and Benedict Cumberbatch = Real Life Look-Alikes Of Beavis And Butt-Head

similar-things-look-alike-48__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Pack Of Shar-Pei Pups Look A Lot Like French Croissants

similar-things-look-alike-49__700Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Donald Trump’s Hair Piece Imitating Corn

similar-things-look-alike-35__700Photo Credit: Charles

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15. Part Of Floor Heating System Resembles AT-AT Walker

similar-things-look-alike-38__700Photo Credit: lweinreich

16. If Pinky Were A Dog…

similar-things-look-alike-29__700Photo Credit: DepthsSeeker

17. “Went To The Bar And Saw Gandalf”

similar-things-look-alike-21__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

18. Duckling’s Bill Looks Like A Wolf

similar-things-look-alike-23__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. We Introduce You To Chewbarka!

similar-things-look-alike-24__700Photo Credit: sunny9781

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