Hilarious Great White Shark Photobomb Making Waves

shark bomb

Photo Credit: YouTube

A video of a great white shark photobomb is making waves on the Internet. The initially somewhat terrifying footage, captured on Monday by YouTube user Remi Sabatini, ultimately turns hilarious. The camera is focused on a great white shark who is mutilating a piece of meat, when one behind it suddenly breaches during a dive tour hosted by White Shark Africa near Seal Island in Mossel Bay off the coast of South Africa, spokesperson Dan Abbott told ABC News. Six divers were in a cage underwater during the epic shot.

The camera gets a little too close for comfort – you can see the shark’s razor-sharp teeth gnawing away at the meat attached to a rope – and, suddenly, the seemingly jealous but cool other shark leaps out of the water before coming crashing down back into the ocean. While the divers were distracted, the meat attached to the rope was snatched away and the pair were off.

Luckily this aggressive creature and his acrobatic friend aren’t openly hungry for human flesh. You can watch the whole thing below.

It is not the first time a shark photobomb has gone viral. An amateur photographer caught a shark photobombing an Australian surfing competition just last December. If you missed it, you can watch here: