Hilarious Animals Who Forgot Their True Identity

dog ducks final2

Photo Credit: imgur.com

Unlike many humans, animals are often able to put their differences aside and find commonalities in order to make a new friend. We’ve seen all sorts of unusual pairs, from an owl and a kitten to a duckling and a hen, who’ve become best buddies despite being totally different species. Some hilarious animals seem to take things to a whole new level – going far beyond friendship, and perhaps even assuming a new identity as another species.

This dog, pictured above and in the photo below, seems to think he’s a mother duck. While he hasn’t learned to quack, he is doing quite the job at playing the nurturer to these little ducklings.

ducks following dog

Photo Credit: imgur.com

This dog doesn’t hunt birds, he likes to pretend he is one, though he barely fits on the perch.

dog bird

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 This boxer clearly believes he’s a human. It appears he’s been doing a lot of weight lifting with his human friend recently too.

dog standing

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And this turtle truly believes he’s a dog.

turtle dog

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Finally, this happy guy really seems to be getting into his role as top “bull dog.”

bull dog