Heroic Dogs Save Little Girl From 400-Pound Bear in Her Own Backyard

hero dogs

Photo Credit: Emily Wagner via Patch.com

Earlier this month in Long Valley, New Jersey, four very heroic dogs saved a toddler from being attacked by a 400-pound bear in her own backyard.

The three-and-a-half-year-old little girl narrowly escaped the black bear, according to a CBS2 news report.

Emily Wagner and her daughter Harper Wagner were sitting in the backyard of her home one morning. A bear that the family has occasionally spotted, though not as close and almost always at night, managed to climb the fence, and make its way toward the little girl.  The family’s four dogs saw the bear, and stepped in to save her life, though they say it was her dog “Chief,” a lab mix they rescued two years ago that was mainly responsible.

Emily explained, “She yelled ‘Mommy!’ and I looked up and there was a big bear between us.”

Harper was playing and her mom was sitting just a few feet away on the porch when she heard the screams for help.

That’s when Chief, who has literally grown up with Harper, came to the rescue.

“He grabbed his back leg like he was trying to pull him away from Harper,” Emily said.

Mom then grabbed daughter and ran inside to call police. The family’s other three dogs, all rescued pit bulls, then chased the  massive black bear into the woods where he climbed a tree before wandering off.

Emily said she’ll just keep an extra close eye on her daughter — and her dogs — from now on.