Mom Documents Heartwarming Friendship Shared Between A Boy, His Two Massive Dogs, And A Horse


When professional photographers use their family as subjects some of the best photos arise thanks to a combination of talent and true love. Washington-based photographer Stasha Becker has turned the camera on her seven-year-old son Julian, who she lovingly refers to as little J, and his gaggle of adorable pets including two massive Newfoundland dogs and a horse named Vizon.

Becker has documented these photos via Instagram and the results have been nothing short of amazing. People that live on the other side of the world are falling in love with Becker’s photography as well as the heartwarming friendship shared between her son and his furry pals.

It all started back in 2013 when Stasha began documenting her son’s experiences growing up with Max, his Newfoundland dog. Since then, the family has taken in another Newfoundland and an Arabian stallion known as Vizon. It looks like little J and his pals have more horse friends as well, including a super cute pony that is nearly the same size as the dogs!

Stasha’s photos highlight the love shared between humans and pets, proving there’s nothing else quite like it. It doesn’t hurt any that Becker’s animals and son are so adorable!

mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-145Stasha’s blog and Instagram feed are dedicated to highlighting ‘the good life.’ Stasha writes on her website, “Not a moment passes that I am not amazed how good I have it. So I figured I’ll share it since these days we like to complain and I try not to.”

mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-90mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-131When Stasha is not behind the camera she enjoys riding horses. When ‘little J’ goes off to school, “That’s when I saddle up a horse called Vizon.”

mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-152mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-140mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-61mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-9I already have horses… but I think I need a Newfoundland now… and maybe a cute kid too… Dear Stasha, can I have your life?

mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-68mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-124mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-144mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-135mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-82mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-70mom-photographs-son-dogs-horse-friendship-stasha-becker-julian-119Photo Credits:

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