23 Heartbreaking Photos Of Pollution That Will Change The Way You Live


These heartbreaking photos of pollution are very hard to look at; in fact they will likely make you want to cry. As an animal lover I hate to even post photos that are so disturbing but the only way to spark change is to show people the truth.

Thanks to all of the trash produced by humans everyday wildlife is suffering in many unrealized ways. Turtles with plastic soda can dividers trapped around their torsos are unable to grow, birds are eating enough plastic to kill them, and that’s only the beginning.

In most Western countries each person generates an estimated 4.31 pounds of trash every single day, that’s an increase from 2.7 pounds in 1960. Not only is the amount of trash we produce increasing, but so too are the number of people producing the trash. With the current population growth rate near 1.1%, there will be 15 billion people living on planet Earth in 64-years.

So how can we make sure that humans and wild animals both flourish? For one, don’t litter. It’s so important to recycle, and properly dispose of all trash. You can also make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of trash you produce in the first place. If the following photos tug at your heartstrings, as they should anyone with feelings, it’s time to do something about the mess we have made.

1. Koala Doesn’t Know What To Do After Losing Her Home To Deforestation

Trees are cut down every day to simply produce more trash.


Photo Credit: theguardian.com

2. Stork Tragically Trapped In Plastic


Photo Credit: unknown

3. Tortoise Trapped In Plastic


Photo Credit: unknown

4. This Is What Happens To Birds During An Oil Spill


Photo Credit: Charlie Riedel

5. Another Tortoise Trapped in Plastic Waste Unable To Properly Grow


Photo Credit: unknown

6. Surfer Rides Through A Wave Full Of Trash In Java (Indonesia), The Most Populated Island In The World


Photo Credit: populationspeakout.org

7. Seal’s Face Trapped In Plastic Waste


Photo Credit: unknown

8. Dead Albatross Found In North Pacific With Excessive Amounts Of Plastic Inside Of Stomach


Photo Credit: populationspeakout.org

9. Landscape In Bangladesh Is Full Of Trash

If we don’t make changes now the whole world will look like this someday…


Photo Credit: populationspeakout.org

10. Seal Suffering Due To Pollution


Photo Credit: Ares Caius

11. This Young Boy Spends His Mornings Searching Through Pollution For Recyclable Plastics His Family Can Sell For 35 Cents Per Kilo


Photo Credit: George Steinmetz

12. Ken River Oil Field Located in California (USA) Has Been Exploited Since 1899


Photo Credit: populationspeakout.org

13. Poor Penguins Covered In Oil


Photo Credit: John Hrusa

14. A Bald Sunbear In Borneo Is One Of Many Threatened By Deforestation In Regards To Health And Habitat


Photo Credit: Heather Ogden

15. Pollution In Hong Kong Is So Bad They Have A Fake Skyline For Tourists To Take Pictures With


Photo Credit: Molly Smith

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16. Bird Harmed By Oil Spill


Photo Credit: unknown

17. Landfill In Accra (Ghana). We Pay Developing Countries To Take Our Toxic Electrical Garbage


Photo Credit: populationspeakout.org

18. A Mute Swan Builds A Nest Out Of Garbage


Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

19. Young Boy In India Swims In Polluted Waters


Photo Credit: greenatom.net

20. Young Raccoon Has A Fishing Lure Painfully Caught On Lip


Photo Credit: Peggy White

21. Dry ‘River’ In Northern Bali, When It Rains Mass Amounts Of Plastic Wash Out To Sea


Photo Credit: Katie Pip

22. Child Drinks From Polluted Stream In Fuyuan, County, Yunnan Province

A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county

Photo Credit: Reuters

23. Man Walks By Pipe Pouring Waste Water Into Yangtze River


Photo Credit: William Hong

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