World’s First ‘Phodographer’: Dog Wears Heart Rate Monitor With Camera That Takes Pics When He Gets Excited


Humans take endless pictures of beaches, sunsets, animals, babies and food (just to name a few), but if you gave your dog a camera do you know what they would want to take pictures of? It might seem like a strange question, but we actually have the answer for you.

Nikon has created a unique device that allows your dog to snap a picture at their favorite moments throughout the day using the new “Heartography” heart rate monitor with camera system.

Thanks to this genius invention a picture is taken every time your dog gets excited (or fearful) while they are wearing the Heartography heart monitor with camera. As a result you get to see a hilarious roll of photos revealing everything that caused excitement for your dog throughout the day.

The heart rate monitor easily fits around your dog’s neck and the camera attaches onto the front of your dog’s chest with the help of a harness. The heart monitor and camera communicate using Bluetooth technology, when the heart rate goes up the camera is signaled to take a picture.

The first four-legged cutie-pie to try out this new technology is a dog that goes by the name Grizzler. Grizzler is also featured in Nikon’s promotional video for the new system. It is still unclear if the photo-taking heart rate monitor will be made available for sale to the general public, but I sure hope it is!

This is Grizzler, he has a heart rate monitor on his neck and a camera attached to his Grizzler gets excited or scared his heart rate monitor will communicate via Bluetooth with his camera and take a’s favorite moments throughout the day are revealed, and you can’t help but smile looking at the especially love that he got excited when he saw his owner’s shoes at the front doordog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-14The cats always seem to get him excited…dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-2He loves a good turtle too!dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-10….And we meet again dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-1dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-5dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-11dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-8dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-7dog-takes-photos-heart-rate-monitor-phodographer-heartography-nikon-15Watch Grizzler star in Nikon’s promotional video for Heartography:

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