Get Lost Looking At The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Harvesting Lavender


The sights, scents and colors of a field full of harvesting lavender are truly breathtaking. Even in the earlier harvesting stages, the meticulous rows of flowers created by methodical farming create a beauty so striking one has to stop and smell the flowers.

Lavender, technically known as Lavandula, is a species of 39 known flowering plants in the mint family. Lavender has an extensive history and is still used for many different purposes including fresh flowers, ornamental landscaping, essential oils and fragrant sachets, just to name a few. Depending on its intended use you can grow it during varying times of the season.

The type of lavender and the local climate will also impact ideal harvesting times. The most popular types of lavender include English lavender (lavandula augustifolia), lavandin (lavandula x intermedia – a hybrid) and French/Spanish lavender (lavandula stoechas).

Bouquets of fresh lavender as well as dried flowers can fetch a pretty penny for farmers but lavender sold for use in products like soap, fragrant sachets and essential oils can sell for as much as 100% more.

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Lavender is known for its amazing properties including antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic, expectorant, nervice, cicatrizant and vulnerary. The tiny hairs covering the lavender bud contain the essential oils.

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Despite how much humans adore the scent of lavender it actually deters the presence of mice, mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted pests.

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Lavender smells so good it was used in the Elizabethan times (before bathing was a common practice) to freshen clothes and bed linens. Perhaps even more interesting, French classrooms once crushed up lavender to sooth nervous or disruptive students.

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