Meet What May Be the Happiest Baby Orca on Earth

baby orca

Photo Credit: Clint Rivers Showtime Photography/Facebook

It’s hard to imagine any marine animal that could possibly match the enthusiasm of this six-month-old orca known as J50. What may true be the happiest baby orca on earth, the little whale born in January has frequently been spotted breaching and frolicking in the waters of the Salish Sea near British Columbia, Canada, as well as the surrounding waters of the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

These recent photos were captured in the Salish Sea earlier this month by photographer Clint Rivers.

baby orca2

baby orca3

baby orca4

The lively and rambunctious calf seems to have seen one too many Red Bull commercials, or perhaps she’s auditioning to be a dancer, though it’s more likely to be that the beautiful whale is simply enjoying its freedom and dining on tasty, wild-caught salmon to keep up its energy.

Michael Harris, executive director of PWWA, told Global News of the world’s happiest baby orca, “Her energy is astounding –- I guess not unlike my small kids. She’s constantly leaping into the air, and often curling up and doing belly flops.”

“Doing what baby orcas do,” he added.

The birth of J50 was a cause for celebration for conservationists monitoring the endangered southern resident orca pod. Prior to two recent births in JPod and one in LPod, there hadn’t been a successful birth in the community in almost three years.