Awesome Hanging Walkway Connects Two Offices In Design By Polish Architects


Being trapped in a sterile office all day is anything but exciting. In fact, staring at computer screens, adjoined office buildings and piles of paperwork all day can make life seem rather depressing. Unless you’re born into a life of riches and fame you will have to get a job at some point in life, especially if you want to eat and have a roof over your head. So how can we make everyday workspaces less of a drag?

Zalewski Architecture is a Polish architecture firm with a neat concept to help make workspaces more inviting and friendly. They have created an awesome hanging walkway that connects two offices, allowing workers to enjoy a stroll through the green grass in the middle of the workday.

The walkway is narrow (80cm wide) and winding, creating a thin but substantial circular platform that looks cool from both above and below. The hanging walkway is suspended over a courtyard, with a lot of air beneath it. The quirky design serves two separate purposes. It’s cool and unique and it blocks minimal sunlight from reaching the courtyard located below.


One of the original issues with the building was the dark and dreary courtyard located on the first floor. Workers on the 3rd floor were tired of looking out of their office windows and seeing the sad little courtyard down below. The designers of this walkway have certainly changed that, adding a touch of magic to this once mundane building.

Instead of walking down a boring hallway with stained carpets and the smell of stale coffee, workers at this office building visit the neighboring office by taking a walk outside across this awesome suspended walkway. This is especially great because sunshine and fresh air are more important than we remember on a day-to-day basis.

Simply stepping outside provides your body with health benefits. It takes less than 20 minutes to get adequate vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D helps protect you against a number of diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers.  You would only have to walk across this platform a few times each day to feel better, and perhaps even get more work done.

The walkway is safely supported on all sides for stability as people enjoy walking across it. The suspended walkway sort of looks like a fun roller coaster when you are looking up at it from the ground below, but once you get to the top you see it’s a grass walkway made to help workers escape the monotony of the workday. The reflective surface used on the underside of the structure is designed to blur the walkway’s lines when people on the ground look up at it.


The designers behind this innovative walkway say the main goal was to provide a space where office workers could escape, clear their minds and enjoy some fresh air. The Zalewski Architecture Group explains:

“There are ideas that arise from the need of a particular moment. Such a need – another hot day of summer spent in the office and a thought ‘if only I could go for a walk’ – became inspiration for a project of a path suspended in the air, a balcony Walk-on. It is also one of the ideas to change a sad courtyard, that we overlook every day out of the office windows on the 3rd floor, to give the courtyard a bit of magic.”


Building permits are tricky to score, especially on a design this unique but who knows maybe we will see more outdoor hanging walkways connecting offices in the future. At least everyone trapped working in an office 8-hours a day can hope!

Photo Credit: zalewskiag.comFacebook