Guy Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With Sharpie Pen On His Nissan Skyline GTR


A member of the US military, the owner had a lot of work to do on his car, including changing the color because silver is far from his favorite car color.

One night he decided to allow his talented girlfriend to draw some doodles on the bumper to help cover up some of the scratches.He wasn’t worried about the outcome because he was going to replace the bumper no matter what.


Deep into the night his girlfriend kept drawing and drawing, and as she continued on the scratches disappeared, and so did much of the silver paint. In its place a wondrous world of twists and turns and unique depths formed from the humble tip of a Sharpie

Without any expectations for the outcome of his girlfriend’s artwork, he was rather surprised when he went outside the following morning. He took notice of the car’s new bumper, and the way the see the sun was hitting the bumper in such a way, the perfectly detailed drawings enchanted him. At that moment, he knew that she had to continue her artwork on the rest of the vehicle.


They took the car on as a romantic bonding project of sorts, while he worked on improving the cars inner workings, his wife took her time creating these beautiful designs all on the outside of the car. Some of the inside additions added include a 10mm extension steering wheel, new seats, seat belts, cams, spitfire coil packs, and a new exhaust among many other accesories.


On the Nissan car board, the owner of the Sharpie car goes by the name GroundForceOne, here he shares how we got a silver car in the first place. What he ideally wanted was a Midnight Purple car, and while he was able to find 2 vehicles in this color he wasn’t able to purchase either one.

The first guy was asking way too much money and wouldn’t come down in price, and the second guy got a little weird on him, asking way too many unrelated questions about his intentions with the vehicle.

At least silver is only his second most hated color, white being the first. But still, he wasn’t a fan of silver so what was he to do? That’s where dating an artist comes in very handy. While he picked out the color scheme his girlfriend was allowed creative freedom with the designs.


The couple spent a lot of time spread out in the living room, collaborating on different parts of the car, trying to come up with the best design ideas to make it stand out. Between throwing around ideas and actually going in for the kill to draw the design, it took 15 hours to complete the front bumper alone.

In total it took an incredible 100 hours of work to completely cover the vehicle in all of these elegant designs. They are protected by a number of clear coats. Together this team turned an older car into an awesome asset! Now that’s what relationships should be all about.


Photo Credits: nicoclub.comgranthem7