Guinea Pig Road In Japan During Rush Hour Traffic


The Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan has found the most creative way to transport large groups of guinea pigs across the zoo; they built the world’s most adorable bridge. When it comes time for the Guinea pigs to switch locations, the bridge is extended and the little rodents know just what to do!

In an orderly fashion they follow one another in a line, over the bridge and through a tunnel to their next destination. Check out the incredibly cute guinea pigs during rush hour traffic as they bustle across the bridge in the video below.


The Nagasaki Bio Park is a place of education, enlightenment, and friendly encounters with all types of animals. And although guinea pigs might not be the first animals you think to visit while at the zoo, this enclosure, complete with its own toll road, is well worth a look.

The guinea pigs pass through a number of different places along their way. Part of the plastic tunnel leads directly past an enclosure containing cats and dogs. The dogs and cats can’t help but gawk at the passing guinea pigs as they scurry on by through the see-through tunnel.


Domesticated guinea pigs have gotten smarter over the years, learning at much faster rates than their wild ancestors, known as cavies. This is rather interesting considering domesticated dogs prove less intelligent in similar research tests when compared to their wild counterparts, wolves and dingoes.


Above, you can see the guinea pigs have successfully followed the tunnel and made it to their final destination… dinner!

One of the zoo’s employees explains a mission of the zoo as, “We want to break the barrier between human and animals…. We want the animals and humans together.” And what better way to bring out the humanity in guinea pigs than to train them to use public transportation, and in an orderly manner!

Watch the adorable guinea pigs use the bridge in the video below!

Photo Credits: Youtube, Bored Panda