Grumpy Gorilla Tells It Like It Is By Flipping Off Zoo Visitor


Photo Credit: Caters News Agency via Daily Mail

This grumpy gorilla is creating a stir across the Internet after shocking visitors at the Bristol Zoo in England. Known for being very good at expressing their feelings, this gorilla was no exception – he decided to give a photographer the bird by flipping his middle finger when the 67-year-old man, Bob Pritchford, too his picture.

Pritchford was happily strolling along at the zoo when he spotted the large animal chewing on some grass. According to the Daily Mail, he took his camera out to snap a pic, but as soon as the ape caught sight of him, he immediately made the rude gesture.

“When I saw the pictures, I just thought ‘you little devil,'” Pritchard said, adding, “Gorillas are really good at expressing their feelings. I quite regularly photograph the animals at Bristol, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

“I was just really lucky to capture this.”

Given all the controversy surrounding animals in captivity in recent years, some believe the gorilla decided to reveal just how he feels about living at the zoo. While the mammal is known to be highly intelligent and emotionally aware, it’s more likely that it was a coincidence. Purposeful or not, he definitely made a good point.